Volunteers are working to bring you unbiased, non-governmental grassroots community service to what people fondly refer to as "The Westside".

The "Westside" comprises of the City of West Kelowna and it's many unique areas such as Lakeview Heights, Casa Loma, West Kelowna Estates, Westbank, Glenrosa, Shannon Lake, Sunnyside, Smith Creek as well as sharing borders with 2 close communities; that of Peachland and Summerland.

West Kelowna is not part of Kelowna. Kelowna proper lay across Okanagan Lake, east of West Kelowna. West Kelowna is a city unto itself.

In 2019, MacLeans Magazine ranked the Westside as the 12th best community in Canada to live in 2019, outpacing Kelowna that placed 39 out of 415 cities.


Meanwhile - what we are up to:

  1. We have been testing, analyzing, and testing again the many online services that cater to the Okanagan. We test for all of the various methods used by web sites to track you - but we call it 'stalking' now because we came to realize that tracking is one thing, and many Internet corporate advertisers will stop at nothing to learn all about you by sneaking peeks at your data, record your movements by following you wherever you go on the Internet in order to control your Internet visits. Their tracking is just a sly way to skip admitting stalking.

  2. We are also developing a 'Free To Talk' open forum where anyone can share ideas, concerns and even rant and rave just about anything at all - with only one restriction... be truthful. Since we won't accept advertising dollars, there is no conflict so no need to censor posts.

  3. We are getting ready to publish our first newsletter. This newsletter will keep you updated on the changes to your right-to-privacy as they happen. 

  4. While you will be able to find out the latest in technology verses your right to privacy we also show you ways and means of protecting your privacy while online.

  5. We devote 15 hours a week to help parents and youth become more aware and prepared for the dangers embedded into many of the popular 'social media' hubs on the Internet. Most of the "free" services on the Internet are paid for by using your privacy - learn how to bypass the stalkers and maintain the best defense against government and corporate stalking.


Are you lost.. curious, have a question, or just want to say Hi, then feel free to use the contact form below.


Meanwhile, as you wait for our new site, may we suggest you visit some of the local services - some new, some old: 

AloeThrive - 100% Certified Organic Kelowna based Soil Enhancer/Bio-Stimulant with Game Changing Results.
(Closed due to non-payment)

Dun-Rite Sweeping - Maintaining Paved Paradise 'As their web site says, "Maintaining Paved Paradise".*

Lakeview Heights Community Association - The Jewel of West Kelowna.*

InterNetInc.Ca - Internet Services - Serving Canadians Since 1983.*

Ican2.ca - Kelowna based Professional Medical Marijuana Services.
Closed due to non-payment*


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* Are not affilated with westside.ca. Westside.ca chose these sites to reflect some of the real Westside diversity found close to home.