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Right To Choose ?The Residents of the Westside need not bother to consider any facts regarding the most important governance restructuring in the entire province. The regional board has kindly made that most important decision for us.

Your right to choose your form of new government is
being denied to you. 

    While some slept... !  

Should the Residents of the Westside have bothered to consider any facts regarding the most important governance restructuring in the entire province? No. Because the Regional District, our loceal government, knows what is best for you, They, the regional board, has made that most important decision for you.

An RDCO Board Report for the RDCO meeting of June 11, 2001 states

"The Regional Board gave approval to merging the two Electoral Areas on the Westside into one, and adding another Electoral Area Director. The election of three Directors will see Electoral Area ‘G’ combine with Electoral Area ‘Westbank’ to form one single Electoral Area ‘Westside’, effective December 1, 2002. Three Directors would be elected at large as compared to the current system where each Director represents a specific geographic area."

According to the regional directors, the issue was discussed at several community association groups, including North Westside Ratepayers Association, Westbank Ratepayers Association, Glenrosa Neighbourhood Association and the Shannon Lake Community Association. However, according to some attending those meetings, merger of the Westside electoral areas and/or election of directors was never mentioned!

The two directors Dinwoodie and Novakowski claimed there was a consensus to proceed with  the merger. Now Dinwoodie claims that the results of his "straw vote" was sufficient without asking the public.

Many people were waiting for an announcement as to when some real information meetings would be when suddenly, and with total confusion, the 'board' voted to proceed with the merger --- without any democratic process. This saves the tax payers the cost of RDCO renting halls, printing, and staff time and expenses in preparing for a referendum.

Director Dinwoodie stressed that people felt that there had already been enough referendums, enough discussion, and that the process should proceed without further public participation. The only people that claimed to be tired of referendums were those that lose them. Dinwoodie also stated that CORD doesn't have to go to referendum. But, there was nothing preventing CORD from doing the right thing and taking the issue to referendum.

Dinwoodie also pointed out that the merger was suggested by the 'Governance and Services Committee' (GaSC). The 'committee' FYI, is made up of the same people that sit on the same board that passed the same proposal. 

Your right to choose your form of new government is being denied to you. 

XXXX Days And Still Waiting

The Lakeview Heights Community Association felt it so important that residents have all the information before making a decision that the Board invited the City of Kelowna to contact the proper provincial government office and support a request to study and ascertain the benefits, if any, of amalgamating all or parts of Westside areas, including improvement districts, with the City of Kelowna. The Board has been waiting for a reply since March, 22, 2000.

??????   What Is Going On   ??????

Most people are under the impression that they will have an opportunity to participate and make the final decision regarding our form of governance; be it incorporation, amalgamation, status quo, or something else that might be drawn from the hat.


Unfortunately, the Regional District has proven time and again, over and over that they will do as they see fit, irregardless of outcomes from forced referendums. The Regional District also has large amounts of funds at its disposal to do as they have in the past and that is:

  1. Appoint supportive members to their committee

  2. Use radio, TV, and print to promote their agenda - their preferred form of governance.

  3. Produce as many study reports as necessary to uphold their agenda.

  4. Hire professionals to promote their agenda

  5. and leverage the shakers and movers in support of their position.


The average resident is at the mercy of the professionals!



The Regional District of Central Okanagan formed a Governance and Services Committee, appointed themselves to the committee which recommended to themselves that they merge, without public participation, the two electoral areas into one area. 

   What is wrong with this picture?  

This is a very important matter. Click here to learn how not to be bamboozled, befuddled, or gobbledygooked into becoming an Okanagan lemming..