The Westside, Westbank and Community- Gateway to the Central OkanaganThe Westside, Westbank and Community - Gateway to the Central Okanagan

 Westbank - Westside - Visitor, Business relocation, home buyers, and residents guide to Westbank, Westside, and Kelowna region of the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia Canada.
The REAL Westside is a Regional District of Central Okanagan area consisting of Lakeview Heights to Fintry including
Westbank, Glenrosa, West Kelowna Estates, and Casa Loma

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Avoid propadanda by the befuddlers, bafflers, and gobbledegookers.Are You A Victim of Propaganda?
Learn how to avoid befuddlers, bafflers and gobbledegookers.

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Does Brown Water Make Greenbacks For WID?
Will Westside Water Be Any Cleaner After the Hostile Takeover by CORD?

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  What is a RDCO or 
 What is CORD? 

Many people often refer to our local government as RDCO or CORD. RDCO refers to Regional District of Central Okanagan and CORD is Central Okanagan Regional District. Both are the same government, different names, same people, offices, politicians etcetera.

The letterhead of our local government says "Regional District of Central Okanagan", hence RDCO. However, they are listed in the telephone directories as "Central Okanagan Regional District Of" or CORDO

Len's Commentary Corner
For an in depth look at local issues and answers.

Local Regional District Central Okanagan Government introduces revised Taxation By Default

New rules help Regional District governing directors put a gag on public opinion.
So it's  Shut up -- Or Else?

right_to_choose.gif (5800 bytes)
Is Your Right to Choose Your Form of Governance Being Denied to You by Regional District?

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The Westside is growing and politicians are changing governance to meet the needs of local government to ensure that local government needs are met at the expense of the people.
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  Welcome to The REAL Westside 

The Westside's first and only interactive web site built by it's visitors. You can be your own community reporter, make your point, add  special events, or just catch up on the latest REAL local news affecting you. Enjoy!

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