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Incorporation , Amalgamation, regionalization - What is the answer?

Our Future Depends on Your Participation

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Jim Dixon - A real voice for Westside residents.

"Incorporation? Maybe. But there are other options and we must all explore every one of them equally and without prejudice before we can make an intelligent, informed decision. Our future depends on it"
Jim Dixon

Would you buy a new car, or a new home based on just what the salesman told you? 

Would the salesman tell you what is wrong with the product?

The Residents of the Westside are asking each other, "what is the best thing... regional governance, amalgamation with Kelowna, or incorporation?"

Soon we will be inundated with the usual propaganda supporting one form of governance over another. We must be careful of what we conclude from what we read and hear. Propaganda is a powerful tool. Click to view an article "Propaganda -
Are You A Victim?" and avoid becoming a victim.


Any change in local governance must be made with due care and consideration of the recently instituted new Local Governance Act that replaces the Municipal Act, and the new Community Charter.

At this stage, no one can logically support nor condone any particular choice of local governance. We can only make a proper, informed decision given all the facts. First we must strive to ensure that before a decision is made, everyone has an opportunity to review data from all sides of all possible forms of governance change. Then we go to referendum.
Jim Dixon

    What You Can Do    

Consider the Facts First, Then Make a DecisionThe best thing you can do is remain informed:

Get the facts.

Ask questions.

Make a decision.


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